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About Barackside

This cartoon is NOT from Scotland.

After I created this cartoon, I think it was picked up and posted on a website in Scotland. Apparently there is a famous Scottish author named Jacob Dials.  In my original cartoon, I added a special "Thank You" line to my son, also named Jacob Dials, since it was he who originally came up with the name "barackside" while we were sitting around thinking of funny names for the president.  That was the seed idea for the cartoon, and the genesis of the confusion as to where it originated.

Barackside first appeared on on June 10th, 2009.  It went up on on June 11th, 2009.   From those initial posts, it seems to have gone viral.

America, rest assured, it is not just the Scottish that are laughing.  As it says in the header above, this cartoon is American made. Next time you get the viral Barackside email, direct your friends, families, and coworkers here so they can get the real story, and maybe pick up some Barackside gear of their own.


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